Middle School Choir Kicks Off Performances

The Middle School Choir performed their first concert on Saturday, October 29.


Photo by: Austin George

The 6th grade performs at the Fall Concert.

Landry Draper, staff writer

On Friday November 4, the McKinney Christian Middle School Choir had their first fall performance. The Middle School Choir performed songs such as the “Ghost Ship”, “Climbin up the Mountain”, “10,000 Hours”, “Yesterday”, “The Way You Look Tonight” and many more.

After the concert, MCA Choir Director Amy Jordan said, “I thought it was a great concert, for our first concert they did very well. We would like to improve on the choir by listening to one another, and working together as a team and not soloists. Another thing I would like to work on are some musical things like dynamics and phrasing and those types of things. Aside from the things we need to improve on, we did a good job for our first performance.” The Middle School choir will continue to improve throughout the year, and their next performance will be the Christmas show.

The Choir sings triumphantly. (Photo by: Austin George)