Another Big Year at MCA’s Annual Econ Fair

Seniors Have a big year at Econ Fair selling products through their small businesses


Photo by: Jude Westra

Seniors Nate McMahon and Tyler Swearingen pose in front of their buisness

Nate Krusing, staff writer

Seniors Dylan Searles and Lila Finke sell sweatshirts and hot chocolate. (Photo by: Jude Westra)
Seniors Sarah Krusing and Kate Nordhaus sell chocolate covered bananas. (Photo by: Jude Westra)
Senior Matthew McDowell sells waffles. (Photo by: Jude Westra)
Seniors Marisol Sanchez and Kathryn Chambers sell hot chocolate. (Photo by: Jude Westra)

On Friday, November 18th, McKinney Christian Academy held the annual Senior Econ Fair. The Econ Fair is an opportunity for the Senior class to put their hard work to the test. The students were assigned to create small business to learn entrepreneurship skills such as advertising and selling a product. When senior Sarah Krusing was asked about the Econ Fair she said, “It was a good learning experience and a fun chance to work on a project with my best friend.” Staff, students and grandparents were all invited to come shop at the Lower School deck. It is safe to say that this is another successful year for the Econ Fair and the seniors.