Tips and Tricks for Finals Week


Photo by: courtesy photo

Starting on December 13, the Upper School students at McKinney Christian start exams. Exam week can be very stressful and overwhelming. Senior Danie Morales was asked what she does to study during exam week. “I go through my materials and highlight the main points I should know. Then, I rewrite my notes to help me memorize better.” Here are some study tips and method that can help you during exam week.

  1. First off, schedule your study time. You can study one subject for an hour or so and then take a 15 minute break. Don’t stress yourself on one thing.
  2. Next, find out what kind of learner you are. If you are an auditory learner, it would be best to study out loud with someone. Make flashcards and have someone quiz you on your materials. If your a visual learner, you could read over your materials and find thorough examples. Finally, if you are a kinesthetic learner, write your materials and notes over and over again to help you memorize.
  3. Lastly ask your teachers for help. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra help. Write down your questions and ask your teachers.