Varsity Boys Soccer Take On Dallas Covenant

MCA Varsity Boys Soccer Fights Against Dallas Covenant


Photo by: Emma Ashcraft

Junior, Micah Faulkner dribbles the ball down the field.

Becca Savoy, Staff Writer

MCA Varsity boys huddle up before the shootout. (Photo by: Emma Ashcraft)

On Thursday, December 8, Varsity boys soccer team played Dallas Covenant in a district match up.  Throughout the game, both teams were tied which caused two 5 minute over times. During both over time periods of the game the Mustangs and the Knights continued to remain tied at 0-0. The game went into penalty kicks which resulted in a a loss for the Mustangs. Varsity Boys Soccer Captain, Junior, Griffin Post said  “I am really proud of how the team fought to defend against Dallas Covenant so I feel like we learned a lot from this game”. The Mustangs varsity boys soccer team’s next game will be on Tuesday, December 13, against Prince of Peace.

Senior, Emilio Sanchez moves the ball down the field. (Photo by: Emma Ashcraft)