Varsity Boys Soccer Taken Down by Colleyville Covenant

The Mustangs varsity boys soccer is defeated by the Colleyville Covenant Cougars.


Photo by: Emma Ashcraft

Junior Nick Catullo passes the ball to freshman Grady Rogers.

Becca Savoy, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, January 17, the Mustangs varsity boys soccer played the Colleyville Covenant Cougars. The Mustangs fought the Cougars on Mustang Field but ended up losing to the Cougars 1-3. Freshman Grady Rogers scored a point for the Mustangs in the second half. Junior captain Griffin Post said, “I am really happy with how the team worked together throughout the game and I hope we can continue to improve as the season goes on. Though we lost this game I think that with more practice and drills we will be able to get more wins.” The varsity boys’ next soccer game will be on Monday, January 23 against the Shelton Chargers on the Mustang Field. 

Juniors Griffin Post and Nick Catullo watch for the ball. (Photo by: Emma Ashcraft)
Junior Max Luna striking the ball. (Photo by: Makena Didyk)