MCA Students Perform at the ACSI Choir Festival

MCA Choir competes in the ACSI Choir Festival.


Photo by: Emma Ashcraft

Some of the Choir posing for a picture after the competition.

Becca Savoy, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 15, the Upper and Middle School Choir competed at the ACSI Choir Festival hosted at Prestonwood Christian Academy. Both Upper and Middle School students performed two songs each. Upper School ended the festival with a score of 2 with the highest score being a 1 and the lowest score being a 3. Sophomore Hannah Massingale said, ”I went into the competition with low expectations but I am so proud of how well we performed. The performance was really fun but it was also so much fun to hangout with all of my classmates and enjoy the day away from school together.”

Taking a picture in front of the ACSI banner. (Photo by: Emma Ashcraft)