Will Harrell

Athlete of the Week


Ashley Proctor, Entertainment Editor

This week, the Scholar Athlete of the Week is, junior, Will Harrell. Harrell is varsity wrestler and captain. After cutting 20 lbs in two weeks, Harrell is currently 10-1 in the year. He took 2nd place in a very tough bracket at the Southern Oklahoma Invite and went undefeated (6-0) at the Holiday Classic in Shreveport, LA,  defeating one of Louisiana’s top ranked wrestlers (who was undefeated) not once, but twice. Junior teammate, Judson Williams says, “Will Harrell is the first junior captain, and rightfully so. He is recognized throughout the school for his exceptional wrestling skills. Plus, he loves the sport which makes him a great contribution to our team.” Will has had an impressive season so far and his coaches and fans look forward to see what’s in stat for this young athlete. Harrell not only honors his school, but also Christ though his determination and skill.