Middle School Baseball

The Middle School baseball team has started out the season strong and they’re not slowing down.


Photo by: courtesy photo

Eighth grader pitches against Dallas Covenant.

Sam Harrell, Staff Writer

The Middle School baseball team has started the season out with a strong mentality and a courageous fight. Currently with a record of three wins and one loss, the Middle School baseball team is up and rolling. Coach, Mark Hernandez, described the group as, “an undersized team with a lot of heart.” MCA started out the season by beating First Baptist with an astonishing score of seven to two. Adding on to their momentum the Mustangs staggered out a great win against Dallas Covenant. MCA was down three to zero at one time yet they made a comeback in the last inning to win the game five to four. Eighth grader, Jalen Wheeler,  said “We’ve started out the year strong and were bonding well on and off the field.” MCA suffered a tough loss against HSAA but the season just started.  The Middle School baseball team left it all out on the field the next week having only one game. The Middle School baseball team played Good Shepherd this last Thursday and they held nothing back. What started out as a losing game for the Mustangs ended up with a phenomenal win in the last inning. The Mustangs and the Cougars were tied in the last inning and the Mustangs were up to bat last. The bases were loaded and Zach Kalinke got a hit sending all three runners home and the Mustangs won the game by three. Seventh Grader, Elliot Mahadi, said “Although it was a close game and we were down we all knew we could pull through.” Following another staggering win, the Middle School baseball team is now  three wins and one loss. And if the Middle School baseball team keeps up the good work we’ll hopefully see many more victories.