Debate Team Starts Off the Year Strong

Many MCA Debaters Place in Tournaments


Photo by: courtesy photo

Upper School Debate team poses for a picture at a tournament.

Kate Witte , sports editor

This year, MCA introduced debate as an elective course and in response comprised a team of skilled individuals that represent the school. The course is taught by Jane Debord and meets  zero hour. During this time period the students work on building their arguments and develop the basics of Lincoln-Douglas Style debate. This dedication pays off and is evident in the results from the Princeton High Classic Debate. In the Novice section Freshman Michael Starling placed fourth out of 16 debaters and Junior Ryan Shelton placed tenth out of 36 debaters in the Varsity category. As the students had more time to get a grasp on debating, more of them improved in the upcoming tournaments. Especially Lizzy Weichel, 11, who stated, “Debate is a new challenge for me but one I enjoy. The class is very different than anything I have done in the past and a great experience.” Weichel went on to place first out of 94 debaters in the Novice section while participating in the Melissa High Classic Tournament. However, she was not the only student who placed; Starling went on to place fourth and sophomore Greyson Davidson placed sixth. Each of these three students received a four out of four on their score from the judges and received Superior speaking points from several.