Middle School Football Undefeated

The Mustangs dominated district and out of district games this year and they are the first Middle School football team to go undefeated.


Photo by: Sara Norfleet

All the eighth graders gather around for a photo with the coaches after ending their season undefeated.

Sam Harrell, Staff Writer

The Middle School football team ended this year’s season undefeated. The Mustangs played their last game this Thursday versus Shelton on home turf. The Mustangs defeated Shelton by a massive score of 36-8. Great coaching and great players are two things that have really built this year’s Middle School football team. Through the easy games and the tougher games the Mustangs have consistently played all out this season and it has paid off by their undefeated season this year. Captain, Jay Thompson, 8th, said “We had a great season and we are the first Middle School football team to go undefeated.” The Mustangs will continue to work again this summer preparing for next years season and the Middle School football team will hopefully have another great season next year.