Senior Garret Kramer Competes in Super Nationals for Semi Pro Kart Race

Garret Kramer goes Las Vegas to compete in a Semi Pro Kart race.


Photo by: Ken Johnson

Garret Kramer turns the corner to try to get ahead of the other racers.

Lauren Rose, Staff Writer

Over Thanksgiving break, Senior Garret Kramer went to Las Vegas for the Super Nationals in Semi-Pro Shifter Kart race. The cars used in this race can go up to 60 times faster than the majority of most sports cars. Kramer said, “I had bad luck all weekend. I started the main event in last (44th) place, in 16 laps I was able to get up to 22nd place.” A large amount of preparation took place before Kramer could take the track. “I had to drive to one of the two local tracks both an hour away at least three times a week for about two months leading up to the race. But I had always been in the kart at least once a week for the past three years,” Kramer said. The race took place at the Westgate Resort and Casino. “It was super interesting because the track was backed up onto the strip, so the race received lots of unplanned spectating,” Kramer said.

Kramer recently got accepted to Baylor University. Kramer plans to attend Baylor’s medical program. Before heading to college, Kramer plans to continue to race.  Kramer said, “I plan to pursue racing full time until it is time for me to head off to Baylor, at that point my dad and I will decide which looks like the more promising route. There are three more races before I leave, New Orleans, Sonoma California, and New Castle Indiana.” Kramer has been at MCA for 12 years, ever since kindergarten. Kramer has taken interest in drama. Kramer said, “Drama was fun because it didn’t really feel like school, so it was a good mid-day escape from the stresses.” Kramer is excited for the things in his future, and he plans to keep his options open.


Photo by: Ken Johnson
Senior Garret Kramer tries to get around another racer to improve his standing.