Mustangs spell Shelton, “ShelDONE”

Varsity Boys Soccer Start Off the District Season with a Big Win


Caleb Bryant, 10th, guards the ball from an upcoming opponent.

Marco Cueva, Staff Writers

Varsity boys soccer is off to a good start with the victory over Shelton this past Tuesday.  After a rough couple of games in the pre-district season, the Mustangs come in strong with a win over Shelton in their district season debut. Senior, Marco Cueva, started the game off to a great start by an early goal that was assisted by Senior, Mason Schramm, allowing for the Mustangs to take the lead. Following a cross from freshman goalkeeper, Ian Gordon, a Shelton defender accidentally scored a goal on Shelton. The brutal chemistry that the Mustangs displayed on Tuesday night continued as Gordon launched a ball forward to Cueva on the other side of the field, giving him an easy one-on-one with the keeper for a second goal, making it 3-0 at the half. The second half started off with a goal from Senior, Able Kusaloka, from a cross from the corner. Cueva got around the keeper on a breakaway for the easy tap in soon after. The boys began to get a bit relaxed due to their lead and let in two easy goals, giving Shelton some hope for a comeback. This wake up call reminded the Mustangs that the game was not over yet. The game was put away by a final goal by Schramm from a cross, making it 6-2 at the final whistle.