Mustang Soccer Dominates First Round of the Playoffs

Despite injuries the Mustangs advance to the second round of the playoffs.


Marco Cueva, staff writer

The Mustang Varsity boys saddled up for their first playoff game against Waco Reicher on Friday February 9th. The weather was perfect and the boys legs were well rested; they were ready to compete. The game was fairly even, both sides had their fair share of shots on goal. At about the 20 minute mark, the ball was launched forward over Reichers defense and senior captain Able Kusaloka volleyed it over the keeper. Later in the game senior captain, Marco Cueva took it down the left side of the box and crossed it for Kusaloka to finish into the corner. Toward the end of the first half, arguably one of the Mustangs’ most beautiful team goal was scored. Junior, Nick Nasrallah controlled a ball out of the air and connected with Cueva for a one-two, passes it back to Cueva who then cuts it in and treads it through for senior, Mason Schramm to place in the corner, making it 3-0 at the half. The rest of the game, the Mustangs struggled to keep the ball, Reicher also began to play a bit rough, resulting in a couple minor injuries: Cueva with a minor shoulder injury, freshman, Brodie Wolf with a concussion, and multiple cramps. Despite this, the Mustangs managed to keep the shutout and secure their spot in the second round of playoffs.