Hannah Grubbs participates in gymnastics team outside of school

Sophomore Hannah Grubbs partakes in a gymnastics team in her time outside of school

Sophomore Hannah Grubbs places second place in the balance beam competition

Photo by: Kristi Grubbs

Sophomore Hannah Grubbs places second place in the balance beam competition

Lauren Rose, Staff Writer

Sophomore, Hannah Grubbs, is apart of the Texas Best Gymnastics team, and has been for almost 14 years. She practices five days a week and four hours each practice. At the beginning of practice they condition, then they practice their events. Grubbs partakes in all gymnastic events: vault, bars, beam, and floor. At the end, they stretch to help prevent injuries after practice. “My favorite part of being a gymnast is that I get to use the talents the Lord has given me, and to learn to work hard in everything I do. It has given me so many life skills and taught me many lessons,” Grubbs said. Her last meet was state, where gymnasts all throughout the state come and compete against one another. She placed second in state on the beam. She also got third place on the floor competition which placed her for regionals. Not only is there success in meets, but they also come with many challenges. Grubbs said,”Challenges in gymnastics is daily, it’s very mental. I mean to get up on the beam and act composed is very difficult. We learn lots of discipline and hard work. At the end of the day, your body feels like you ran into a brick wall, but when your team wins, it makes it all worth it. I try to take on every challenge asking the Lord to help me through it cause I couldn’t do it without him.” There are many physical obstacles, but there are also many outside the gymnasium. Grubbs said, “Managing school and gymnastics is difficult, but I know I can do it. Sometimes I think this is impossible because school is so hard let alone adding gym all night, and then coming home and getting back to work. The teachers can be understanding with my complicated schedule, and I always try and have really good time management between the two.” Grubbs is thankful to the sport for giving her the bonds she has with her teammates, and the unforgettable memories that come with it.