MCA Band Takes a Hike to Worship

MCA Band travels to New Mexico for their Annual Band Trip.

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Photo by: Mike Collins

MCA Band stops at top of Guadalupe Peak to take a picture

The Band Trip is a great opportunity for band members to come closer as a team and is highly anticipated every year. The MCA band woke up bright and early and hit the road by 6:00 am April 6. The van drove straight to New Mexico and made their first stop at the famous Carlsbad Bat Cavern where they watched thousands of bats fly out of the cave. Then they headed to the camp site and set up camp for two nights. Parent chaperone Mike Collins cooked burgers for everyone, and they were popular among the campsite. Senior percussionist Seth French said “They were the best burgers I ever had. I ate like five.” In the morning, the band began their trek to the top of Guadalupe peak, the highest point in Texas. Not everyone made it to the top, but those that did took in the amazing view. Junior baritone Mason Lee stated, “The view was incredible.” After hiking back down, it was back to the campsite for the night. They spent their very last morning playing worship music for a church service. Overall, the band trip is a highlight of the year and an incredible opportunity for all people involved, players and teachers alike.

Aiden McKeller and Jake Gerardis stand on a ledge at Guadalupe Peak to enjoy the beautiful view.



The MCA Band Members start their tour of the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico
Parent Chaperone Mike Collins cooking breakfast for the MCA band students and chaperones.