Physics Class Takes a Field Trip to Six Flags

Students Complete a Class Assignment After Spending a Day Riding Rollercoasters

Emma Lowes and JD Hamilton

Photo by: Maci Rosene

Juniors Emma Lowes and JD Hamilton take a picture in front of a ride at Six Flags.

Lauren Rose, Staff Writer

On Friday, May 11, the junior and senior Physics students went to Six Flags. The students got hands-on learning experience through the physics of the rollercoasters. Some of the most popular rides at Six Flags are the Titan and the Texas Giant, and students had two hours to spend in the amusement park to ride the rollercoasters to complete a class assignment. Junior Lizzie Weichel and her group of friends chose to ride the Texas Giant and the Batman. Weichel said, “My favorite part of the trip was getting to ride the rides with my friends and experience how physics relates to roller coasters.” This trip allows students to interactively experience what they learned about through out the school year.