Seniors get a New Privilege for the Year

The senior class has the chance to paint a parking spot for the 2018-19 school year.


Photo by: Jolie Clow

Senior Sam Utzig takes a picture after finishing painting his parking spot.

Lauren Rose, campus editor

This year at MCA, you may notice something different in the Upper School parking lot: colorfully painted parking spots. This is a new opportunity for seniors this year, which allows them to express some creative freedom at school. Seniors who wanted to paint their parking spots pay the fee of $100 and submit their designs or artwork to Mrs. Smith for approval before painting. The seniors spent two weekends in the hot sun, painting their parking spots. Once all the spots are done, students and faculty members can drive by to see the different paintings and colorful designs created by our seniors. Senior Emma Lowes says, “My favorite part about painting my parking spot is being able to make it my own and have fun with the design. Also it is really fun to see what my classmates spots are too.” Seniors aren’t the only ones looking forward to this opportunity. Junior Haley Hitt says, “I’m excited to paint a parking spot because it’s a good way to let your creativity show and it’s a fun thing to do with all your friends.” Next time when you’re driving in the parking lot,┬ádon’t forget to take a glance at some of the artwork displayed on the concrete.

Photo by: Lauren Rose
Seniors Kara Vita and Elyse Mead work on painting their parking spots for the new school year.
Photo by: Lauren Rose
Senior Caleb Doyle painted his spot, and completed it after long hours of work.
Photo by: Lauren Rose
Senior Emma Lowes painted her parking spot in the hot sun with her friends.