The New Black Box Theatre

The new school year brought an energetic revamp for the Drama room, benefiting Julie Tuckers six classes.


Photo by: Caleb Bryant

The Advanced Theatre squad runs through a script in their new theatre room.

Caleb Bryant, staff writer

This summer, McKinney Christian Academy decided to revamp the drama room in the Student Life Center. Nearly everything has been painted matte black in order to focus the attention of the audience not on their surroundings, but on the performance itself. And not to mention the brand new seating, as well as the centerpiece- a big mobile stage on which props can be strewn about and actors can freely embody their character. Drama teacher Julie Tucker states that the new theatre is great for experimental projects, and for controlling the environment in which a performance takes place. Tucker also includes that the improved theatre will allow for more variety in productions. The new drama room will be used to better display theatre productions to a more intimate audience with better lighting, sound, and stage setup. But the drama classes won’t be the only ones benefiting from the new theatre, other fine arts classes could possibly utilize this room for things like jazz band performances and smaller art shows. A new and improved black box theatre will certainly help out our theatre classes in their pursuit to improve both the appearance and quality of their productions.