Varsity Girls Senior Night


Photo by: Debbie Hitt

Seniors, Kate Witte, Elyse Mead, Juliana Roller and Emma Thompson pose for a picture with head coach, Tyler Ferguson, after being showcased.

Maura Cueva , staff writer

On Saturday, February 2, The varsity girls soccer team celebrated the senior soccer players. The Lady Mustangs played their last home game of the season against district opponent Brighter Horizons. Before the game started the seniors were showcased as parents, friends and fans cheered them on. Each senior was asked to write a short paragraph including their favorite memory of the season and their favorite Bible verse. This year’s girls soccer seniors include Kate Witte, Elyse Mead, Juliana Roller, and Emma Thompson. Each girl was announced and walked onto the field accompanied by their parents. Mead says, “I have really enjoyed soccer this year because it’s been all about relationships and I feel I’ve grown closer with the girls on this team.” Senior Night is a great way to recognize the seniors and cheer them on for their last home game. It is a way for the players to look back on previous seasons and look at their growth both in how they play and in Christ. The seniors are able to reflect on the past memories with their teammates and the fun they’ve had in the previous years. When the showcase came to an end the Lady Mustangs went out onto the field to wrap up the afternoon with a win. The Mustangs took a 6-0 victory for the seniors last home game, against Brighter Horizons. They will be heading to their sixth straight playoff appearance on Monday against Austin St. Michaels in Austin.

Kate Witte receiving flowers from her sophomore sister Hallie Witte.
Elyse Mead receiving her flowers from sophomore, Micah McDowell.
Juliana Roller and her parents smiling as her short introduction was being announced.
Emma Thompson laughing with her friends as her favorite memory from the season was announced.

All photos by Debbie Hitt