ESports Team is Launched

Lauren Rose, campus editor

Junior students Lee Leps and Aaron Phillips are apart of an ESports team that competes and represents MCA in an ESports league. They train and practice the game Fortnite on their own time for competitions that will take place in the spring season. For practice, they play duo’s with other people to keep up with skills and to prepare for the tournaments coming up. When the season starts, they will play duo’s against teams from other schools. They play in hopes to do well, and in some cases, if they win, they can earn money to build up their team for the school or to put toward their college funds. Leps and Philips appreciate the world of gaming because it provides a bond and community locally. Junior Lee Leps says, “I enjoy playing in these tournaments because I get to interact with others through a virtual world.” The students are excited to compete and play as a leisure and recreational activity. Junior Aaron Phillips says, “This Fortnite team is a kickstart to my future as a gamer, and I am excited to see where it can take me. I especially enjoy winning and competing against the other gamers because I get to know new people.” Leps and Phillips appreciate the opportunity the school has given them to represent MCA through playing other students at other schools. They are excited to start something new here at MCA, and they hope to grow as they do well and improve with each tournament.