Prom Posals


Grant Bailey asked Haley Hitt one Sunday afternoon after church.

Annie Weichel, staff writer

Spring is here which means Prom is right around the corner. Many students have started asking one another to be their date to the dance. This dance the guys ask the girls, usually with a fun, colorful poster and presents like flowers or candy. Here are a few MCA Promposals.

Photo by: Gaby Gosa
Sophomores Nate Gwynn and Hayden Faulkner asked sophomores Maggie George and Truett Rothrock one night at the fair.
Photo by: Truett Rothrock Junior Blake Rodgers asked sophomore Gaby Gosa one evening in Adriatica.
Photo by: Emma Thompson
Senior Hayden Clow asked senior Naty Tubiolo one afternoon after sending her on a scavenger hunt to find him.
Photo by: Kelli Smith
Junior Sam Harrell surprised junior Allie Smith one Friday after school at her house.
Photo by: Emily Pogue
Senior Sam Utzig asked junior Meredith Pogue over the weekend at her house.
Photo by: Naty Tubiolo
Junior Ford Dossey asked senior Emma Thompson one night after her soccer practice.
Photo by: Meg Boone
Senior Mitch Boone asked senior Bekah Gross during her art class.
Photo by: Aby Beck
Junior Ashton Hawthorne asked junior Courtney Martin one day after going to Texas Tulips.

















Photo by: Lauren Rose
Junior Caleb Bryant asked sophomore Annie Weichel after school at a friends house.
Photo by: Trinity Souther
Sophomore Asa Miller asked sophomore Hallie Witte one day after school.
Photo by: Lauren Rose
Junior Jonny Greenwell asked junior Lauren Rose one Wednesday evening.