5th Grade Takes on Two Museums in Dallas

Elizabeth Etheredge, Staff Writer

Thursday, April 4, the fifth-grade class took a trip to Dallas for the day to learn more about the Holocaust and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Students visited The Holocaust Museum and The Sixth Floor Museum. The Holocaust Museum serves as a “living¬†memorial to the Holocaust” that inspires people worldwide to “confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity.” At the museum, students learned details about how people were identified with numbers tattooed on their wrists, tortured, and transported. Student Alyssa Prahl was taken back and said this about the field trip to this museum, “One word, sad.” At the Sixth Floor Museum, students were able to walk through John F. Kennedy’s life and assassination. They were able to look out the exact window Kennedy was shot from. The museum had set up a part of the building exactly like it was on the day he was assassinated. Students being able to see these things in a museum helped them understand and grasp details of what they have been learning in class. After visiting the museums and gift shops, students ate Chic-Fil-A for lunch and headed back to school.



Photo by: Karen Krusing
Fifth graders, Dawston Swift, Noah Melton, Nate Krusing and Kolton Kuykendall stop and smile for a picture before heading up to the museum.
Photo by: Lana Hamilton
Karen Chastain and a few girls look out the window at the Sixth Floor Museum.