Indoor Track


Photo by: Darrick Ware

MCA indoor track team is a new sport this year.

John Delatte, staff writer

The Mustangs started an indoor track team this winter for the first time in MCA history. The head coach is Darrick Ware and there are 14 members on the team. When asked about the upcoming season coach Ware said,  “I am excited for these kids because it’s a great opportunity to get out and have fun and see different colleges”. The indoor track team will be attending different meets at different colleges throughout the season. The season is underway as they have started to meet and practice as a team so when I asked Aaron Philips about starting the season he said ” it’s cool to be able to travel and run because if we qualify we can go to places like New York. ” The Mustangs first meet is January 10 -11 at Texas A&M university.