New Assistant Coach for Lady Mustangs Basketball Team

Hannah Wilks is the new assistant basketball coach for the Lady Mustangs.


Photo by: Laney Leblanc

Upper School Girls Assistant Basketball Coach Hannah Wilks

Laney LeBlanc, staff writer

Hannah Wilks is one of MCA’s newest addition to the Mustang coaching staff. Wilks is an alumni of MCA and played volleyball, basketball and track for the Mustangs. Recently, she was asked to join the coaching staff for the Lady Mustangs as the assistant basketball coach. When asked about how she felt being an assistant coach this year, Wilks says, ” I really love seeing a team grow and develop from October to February or March.” She is looking forward to this new season. Wilks says she is excited to watch the players grow in their skills and knowledge of the game. Not only will Wilks assist the varsity basketball coach she is also coaching the D2 Middle School volleyball team.

Hannah Wilks shoots a free throw during a game against Dallas Thunder in 2015. (Photo by: courtesy photo )