Varsity Boys Soccer Competes Against the Home School Athletic Association

The Varsity Boys soccer team played against the Home School Athletic Association.


Photo by: Laura Smith

Junior Tyler Carpenter clears the ball up the field.

Tyler Swearingen, staff writer

The Varsity Boys soccer team took on the Home School Athletic Association on Monday, December 7. Sophomore, Cole Anderson, ended the game with 19 saves and saved 86 percent of the opposing team’s shots. This performance won Anderson’s overall MVP and defensive MVP of the match. When asked about the game Anderson stated ”The result doesn’t reflect the game, but everyone can learn a lot from this game so we don’t make the same mistakes twice”.  With several starters injured, multiple freshmen had to step up and play a new role on the team. Freshman Nicholas Catullo and David Roller both played the entire game on defense contributing to the team’s 112 defensive takeaways. The Mustangs had 55 percent possession and 163 completed passes but still ended the game in a 3-0 loss. The team learned a lot from this game and is preparing for their next home game on Thursday, December 10 against Dallas Lutheran.

Freshman Liam Corley and sophomore Emilio Sanchez charge the ball. (Photo by: Laura Smith )
Freshman Nicholas Catullo passes the ball up field. (Photo by: Laura Smith )
Senior Ian Gordon goes up for a header. (Photo by: Laura Smith )