Middle School Softball Hits it Out of the Park


Photo by: Courtesy Photo

Middle School Softball team smiles for picture after winning the game.

Laney LeBlanc, staff writer

Eighth grader, Ryan Tessier, smiles with the Prince of Peace softball coach after hitting it out of the park. photo by: Jewel Nordstrom
Eighth grade, Ryan Tessier, smiles with her record setting softball. photo by: Jewel Nordstrom

This week, the Middle School softball team played two games. They played away at Prince of Peace on Tuesday and lost 10-7. Despite the loss, the softball team had an out-of-the-park home run for the first time in history at Prince of Peace by eighth-grade catcher Ryan Tessier.

On Thursday, the Lady Mustangs travelled to Grapevine Faith and brought home a winning score of 10-3. When asked about the game, Coach Tara Ackmann said, “The girls have worked so hard in the past couple weeks and it all paid off beating Grapevine Faith on Thursday.” The next softball game is Tuesday, April 6 at 5 p.m. at MCA against Faith.