Middle School Boys Soccer Starts the Season Off With a Win

Middle School Boys Soccer triumphs Coram Deo.

Middle School boys soccer finishes with a team prayer.

Photo by: courtesy photo

Middle School boys soccer finishes with a team prayer.

Preslea Wilson, staff writer

The McKinney Christian Academy’s Middle School boys soccer team played against Coram Deo on November 29. The Mustangs defeated Coram Deo with a final score of 10-0. These boys started the season off with promising scores to lead their season in the right direction. Seventh grader Wheeler Clayton controls and dominates the pitch through the midfield. Clayton said, “I think we will have a great season and get closer as a team because it’s not just one person scoring goals, it’s everyone. We have a lot of chemistry already and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds.” With a score of 10-0, four different people got goals. Seventh grader Wheeler Clayton with four goals, eighth grader Lincoln Pogue with three goals, sixth grader Conner Leick with two goals and sixth grader Julian Ramirez with one goal. The Middle School boys soccer team will continue their season throughout the winter.

Seventh grader Wheeler Clayton looks for his next play. (Photo by: courtesy photo)