Lil Stangs Start Off Their Season

McKinney Christian Academy Lil Stangs basketball kicks off their season.


Photo by: courtesy photo

Both 1st grade teams pray together.

Noah Melton, staff writer

McKinney Christian Academy’s boys and girls Lil Stangs teams have started their winter basketball season. The kindergarten team lost their first game 7-2. Head Coach Jared Maier was impressed by the aggressiveness and chemistry of the team. Next, the first grade gold and navy teams played each other. First grader Andrew Dominguez from the gold team said, “For our first game, we played good. Our offense and defense were good, too.” The second graders also played this weekend. The second grade boys navy team won their game 26-6 and second grader Crosby Smith said, “We played good this weekend. I was the leading scorer with 14 points and made a bunch of 3-point shots!” The second grade boys gold team lost their game 18-3, and second grader Deacon Tory said, “I am very proud of how hard we played in our game. Something we need to work on though is to make better passes.” The girls second grade team won 21-4 and Lily Rawls said, “I am so happy for the season and very excited for it. Although we won, my coach, who is also my dad, said we need to hustle more and get back on defense quicker.”

Third grade also played and won their game 9-5. Lastly, the fifth grade team lost in a close game 16-13. Coach Adam Vinciguerra said, “I was very proud of how his team played and how hard they hustled, due to the team being much bigger.” This weekend, December 10, all the teams play again at PSA McKinney.

Second grader Micah Jennings shoots a free throw. (Photo by: courtesy photo)
The kindergarten team takes a post game picture. (Photo by: courtesy photo)
Second grade navy team poses after a win (Photo by: courtesy photo)