Middle School Boys and Girls Basketball Falls to the Prestonwood Lions

Middle School basketball falls short to the Prestonwood Lions.


Photo by: Mia Gunn

Eighth grader Harry Thompson jumps for the tip off.

Genevieve Breton, staff writer

On Monday, January 9, McKinney Christian Academy Middle School basketball teams went up against the Prestonwood Lions. The boys D1 team lost 33-72 and the D2 boys lost 18-38. The D1 girls team lost 13-35 and the D2 girls lost 4-32. Middle School Basketball fought hard to secure a win against Prestonwood but all teams fell short. When eighth grader Harper Johnson was asked about how she played she said, “I played harder in the second half than the first half. We did pretty good considering we did not have two of our starters.” Eighth grader Gavin Ballew also added, “The game didn’t really go to well, we could have had better defense but we just have to work on our defense.” Their next game will be an away game on January 16 against Covenant Classical School Fort Worth.

Middle School D1 boys warm up before the game. (Photo by: Mia Gunn)
Seventh grader Wheeler Clayton takes the ball up the court. (Photo by: Mia Gunn)