State Track Meet

Students Travel to Waco for their Last Meet


Photo by: LeAnne Fillebrown

Sophomore Brooke Fillebrown finishes 6th place in the two mile run at the State Track Meet in Waco.

Kate Witte , sports editor

On Friday and Saturday, MCA athletes traveled down to Waco and competed at State. These students included Marissa Wilks, 12, Elyse Mead, 11, Riley Pyle, 11, Josh Pawlish, 11, and Brooke Fillebrown, 10. Wilks placed 6th,  Mead placed 7th in the 800 and 6th in the mile. Pyle placed 7th in the two mile and 6th in the mile. Pawlish placed in shot and in discuss. Fillebrown placed 6th in the two mile and 7th in mile. Overall, students competed well and finished the end of their season strong. Most students will train through the summer in order to prepare for next year’s season.