Eighth Graders Take a Trip to Sky Ranch

The eighth grade class go to Sky Ranch in Van, Texas.


Photo by: Andrea McAnally

The class of 2025 pose for a picture at Sky Ranch Retreat.

Sky Miller, staff writer

Every year the eighth-grade class takes a three-day trip. This year is was to Sky Ranch in Van, Texas. The class left Wednesday, March 5 and returned Friday, March 7. Sky Ranch is a Christian Camp for kids from six to sixteen. The camp features activities infused with character-building strategies, counselors that are Godly role models and an intentional plan that takes kids from being consumers of God’s word to participants in God’s plan. This trip serves to grow the class closer, teach the students about Christ, learn and have fun. Each day the class participated in fun activities as groups. Upon arrival, the boys and girls are walked to their cabins to settle in then later begin the activities. The students did things like zip-lining, rock climbing, rope swinging, swimming, water slides, nature centers, parties and Bible studies. Eighth-grader Chloe Jones said, “I enjoyed hanging out with everyone. We all bonded in the cabin and during the activities.”

Jeremiah Daoud climbs on the rock climb. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Isabella Harriman goes rides the zip line. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Casey Gerardis and Havilah Mahadi ride the Mighty Bucky. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
The eighth-grade class waits for instructions from their camp guide. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Clara Agness and Brooklyn Claudio smile for a picture. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Sayler Wood and Isabella Harriman smile for a picture before riding the zipline. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
A group gets ready to ride the canoes. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Clara Agness rides the rope swing. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Mia Gunn smiles as she sits on the rope swing. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Casey Gerardis, Havilah Mahadi, Amanda Goss, and Mia Gunn smile after going down the water slide. (Photo by:Andrea McAnally)
The students have a laugh while riding in canoes. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
The teachers and students gather together to take a photo. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Four eighth grade boys walk through the woods and admire the scenery (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Courtney Arnold, Leslee Buchanan, Joy Allen and Ella Van Voorst stop to take a picture before heading on the zip line. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)











Cash Harrison and River Simmons hold the smores they made over the campfire. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)


Giovanni Trementozzi swings on the rope swing. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Caleb Atherton smiles as he swings on the rope. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)
Gavin Fletcher put his hand in the air and smiles for a picture before he rides the Mighty Bucky. (Photo by: Andrea McAnally)