Middle School Choir Competition

Middle School Choir Competes at Prestonwood Baptist in Plano.


Photo by: courtesy photo

Middle school Choir performs at Prestonwood.

Mer Pogue, Staff Writer

The Middle School Choir went and competed on Thursday, February 22nd at Prestonwood Baptist in Plano. They went and competed against all the other private schools in our area. They had prepared a total of three songs, “Ubi Caritas”, “Kum Ba Ya”, and “Elijah Rock”.  Mrs. Locke said after the performance.

“We had been struggling a little bit leading up to yesterday to be prepared but they really stepped up yesterday and sang well. They all thought they sang well and it was their best performance of the songs to date.“

Middle School choir ended up scoring a two overall, which in other words means “excellent” and they preformed very well.