MCA Emergency Preparedness

Concerning the importance of McKinney Christian’s emergency procedures, as well as special input from Crisis Management Coordinator Michael Tucker.


Photo by: staff writer maura cueva

The designated tornado shelter is in “The Dungeon” underneath the SLC, as indicated by this sign. Once each semester, the entire school is assembled here for their tornado drill.

Caleb Bryant, staff writer

If you ask any McKinney Christian student what the most annoying thing at school is, most might answer with a snarky comment on the uniform policy, but some might say it’s the abrupt Fire Drill in the middle of their P3 Biology class. Although a surprise safety drill may be frustrating for some students, it’s just another part of the effort that Mr. Tucker and the rest of the staff coordinate to keep our school as safe from and prepared for potential danger as possible. Upper School teacher Mike Tucker, upon his arrival at MCA, was appointed to the position of Crisis Management Coordinator due to his experience as a Red Cross First Aid Instructor as well as his service with the Coast Guard. In our interview, Tucker filled me in on some questions I had about our emergency drill arrangement. He had an especially good analogy relating to practicing drills to share with me: “Practicing drills is like shooting free throws- if you do enough of them, you develop ‘muscle memory’ so that in times of stress you don’t have to think about what you’re trying to do, you just act upon what you’ve been trained to do.” We practice our drills as often as the state of Texas requires us to; one fire drill a month, as well as one tornado and lockdown drill per semester. Tucker also stated that there will be a few new safety implications this year, but he would rather keep them confidential. Mike Tucker has done an exceptional job helping our students and faculty in the past through injuries, bad weather, and lockdown drills in the past. So it’s safe to say that we’re in great hands, and that he is willing and able to help us through future complications.