Who Let the Big DoGs Out

Fifth graders have first Big DoGs meeting of the year.


Photo by: Meagan Stephenson

Fifth grade Big DoG’s group poses for a picture after discussing their topic together.

Sarah Krusing, staff writer

Friday, September 18 was the first Big DoG’s meeting of the 2020 school year. Big DoG’s is a program for fifth graders where they learn about living a life of discipleship. Being the oldest kids in lower school it is their job to be leaders for the younger kids.

The clever name Big DoG’s stands for “disciples of God.” Big DoG’s organizer and parent Denise McGough says “We are talking about what it means to be a disciple and how to really show the faith that they have and live that faith so that others can see Jesus not just through their words but also through their behavior.” Big DoG’s meetings take place once a month and cover a new topic each time. They begin the meeting all together in a big group where one of the parent volunteers teaches the character lesson for that meeting. They then break out into small groups lead by parents to have a deeper discussion and play a game. Fifth grader Isabella Melton said “My favorite part of Big DoG’s today was getting to know the people in my small group and playing 20 questions.” They end their meeting with prayer requests and praying for each other. In the spring they will have a service project that was chosen by the students and complete it with their small groups. The next Big DoG’s meeting will be on October 23.

Green Bandana Big DoG’s dive into deep discussion within their group. (Photo by: Meagan Stephenson)
USA bandana group discussing this months topic in their Big DoG’s group. (Photo by: Meagan Stephenson)