Senior Spotlight: Kate Lord and Bryce Atwood


Annie Weichel , Editor-In-Chief

Kate Lord has been attending McKinney Christian Academy for 12 years. During her time at MCA, she was in cross country in eighth grade, was in art sophomore year, vocal ensemble freshmen and senior year and participated in choir all high school. She was even the mascot sophomore year and once again as a senior. In her free time, she likes to draw, go on bike rides and listen to music. After graduation, she will attend UT Tyler. Her favorite MCA memory was the time on the college tour sophomore year when the class attended an A&M baseball game, but it was 20 degrees out. They were all somewhat embittered towards the weather, but we were with friends, talking, eating nachos and sharing blankets to stay warm. They didn’t stay warm and left the game early with their legs numb, but everyone complained and made jokes while hurrying back to the bus. A fun fact that some people might not know is that she was one of the people that was the mascot sophomore year.

Bryce Atwood has attended McKinney Christian Academy for a total of two years. In his short time at MCA, he has participated in choir, ensemble, golf and debate. Outside of school in his free time, Atwood likes to reading, writing, hunting and fishing. After graduating, he plans to attend Collin College and then transfer to Hillsdale College. His favorite MCA memory was meeting Patriot Butler at the school retreat at the beginning of his Junior year.