Varsity Boys Soccer dominates Coram Deo

As pre-season comes to and end and district approaches, varsity boys soccer cranks out a bunch of games to prepare for the upcoming season.


Photo by: Marcy Pederson

Senior Syler Gabel picks the ball off from a bad pass from the opposing team. Most games with the Mustangs are a constant back and forth struggle, and good midfielders like Syler prevent this from happening.

Caleb Bryant, staff writer

Last Thursday, the Varsity Boys headed off to Allen High School to play Coram Deo. After a pleasantly short bus ride, the Mustangs stormed onto the field and warm-ups commenced. It would be a cold and rainy game, but weather conditions are always rough during the wintertime. The game started shortly after, and the Mustangs put in four goals all within the first 20 minutes. Sophomore goalkeeper, Ian Gordon, was even able to score. But like most high-scoring games, the rest of the game went by very quickly. At the final whistle, the Mustangs had beaten the Lions 6-1 in what was the highest scoring game of the season.