Secure a Cure for Cancer


Photo by: courtesy

Junior Brooke Jensen raising money to Secure a Cure for LLS.

Sarah Krusing, Campus Editor

Each year students are selected by Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise money to find a cure for blood cancer and support families. Junior Brooke Jensen has been nominated for LLS’s 2022 Students of the Year campaign. This fundraising campaign is a seven-week initiative in which selected high school students from across the country compete to raise funds for LLS. These funds go towards finding a cure and research on blood cancer. Jensen said she was motivated to help because she has watched people battle with cancer and seen it turn their lives upside down. Wanting to be apart of something bigger than herself, Jensen took up the opportunity to help people that need it most.

Jensen named her fundraising team “Secure a Cure.” When asked what she is looking forward to most, Jensen said, “I’m looking forward to meeting so many new people and companies that I will get to work with. I am also looking forward to attending the LSS gala held at the end of the seven weeks to announce how much money was raised.” Jensen has a goal of raising 20, ooo. Help Jensen reach her goal with the link below. No donation is too small.