Manners of the Heart

Lower school chapel has a new addition of teaching the students Manners of the Heart.

Manners of the Heart curriculum

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Manners of the Heart curriculum

Emma Bryant, Staff Writer

Manners of the Heart is a new heart education curriculum that is being added to the existing Bible program throughout the year. Lower School principal Mr. Hydock said, “Manners of the Heart helps our students become respectful youngsters who grow up to become respectable adults.  Defining manners as an attitude of the heart that is self-giving not self-serving teaches children to respect others and in the process, learn to respect themselves.” MCA students have the opportunity to show God’s character traits to classmates throughout the year and are encouraged to do so. 

There are 22 lessons organized into four parts: Attitudes of the Heart, Everyday Courtesies, Communication Skills, and Living in Community. A lesson is introduced every Monday, as well as new character traits that will be emphasized throughout the week. Parents are kept informed of the principles and attributes of mannerism that are being taught to their students by letters sent home weekly. The Manners of the Heart curriculum is teaching students to be respectful Christians to classmates and teachers every day.