2019 ACSI Math Olympics


Photo by: Andrea McAnally

Third through eighth graders pose for a picture after the ACSI Math Olympics competition.

Samantha Youngblood and Karissa Harrison, staff writer

This past Friday, 3rd through 8th grade students traveled to the annual 2019 ACSI Math Olympics. 28 Students were qualified at District Math Olympics and were able to compete in the area competition. The students competed in three rounds of two different Math categories. The categories were reasoning and computation. Top scorers for the reasoning category are as followed:

Dusty Thibodeaux, 3rd grade, Excellent Ribbon

Ben Wall, 3rd grade, Excellent Ribbon

Jordan Williams, 3rd grade, Excellent Ribbon

Bailey Gerardis, 4th grade, Excellent Ribbon

Savannah Goodwin, 5th grade, Superior Ribbon

Kaitlyn Lamb, 5th grade, Superior Ribbon

Meisey Martin, 5th grade, Superior Ribbon, 5th Place

Chloe Jones, 6th grade, Superior Ribbon, 4th Place

Connor Wible and Paul Yu, 8th grade, Superior Ribbon, Tied for 3rd Place

Top Scorers for the computation category are as followed:

Lizzie Agbah, 3rd grade, Excellent Ribbon

Greyson Williams, 3rd grade, Excellent Ribbon

Asher Huffman, 4th grade, Superior Ribbon, 4th Place

Luke McAnally, 4th grade, Excellent Ribbon

Adam Gicheru, 5th grade, Superior Ribbon, 2nd Place

Tennyson Clark, 5th grade, Superior Ribbon, 4th Place

Joon Kang, 6th Grade, Superior Ribbon 4th place

Brayden Lamb, 7th grade, Superior Ribbon, 3rd Place