5th Grade Takes a Trip to the Arboretum

The fifth grade classes learn more about God’s beautiful creation at the Arboretum.


Photo by: Andrea Johnson

Fifth graders learn about the Fibonacci sequence.

Tatum Barnard, staff writer

On Thursday October 6, McKinney Christian Academy’s fifth grade classes took a field trip to the Dallas Arboretum. The purpose of this trip was to learn and see God through His creation. Fifth grade teacher Andrea Johnson was asked about the outdoors at the arboretum. “His beautiful creation is everywhere and almost takes your breath away,” she said. They also explored the different patterns and structures in nature. The fifth grade class learned about the Fibonacci sequence in mathematics. This sequence is a pattern that God uses over and over again in the nature that we see today. To finish off the day, students learned about the water cycle. They loaded the bus and returned back to MCA at 1 p.m.

Fifth graders study the different pattern in nature. (Photo by: Andrea Johnson)